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Is this a good college essay topic?

I was going to write about how video games have affected the way I think and interact with people and percieve things.

Is it good or is it a little too nerdy?Is this a good college essay topic?
Well, did they ask you write about something or someone who has made an impact on your life? or you just decided for yourself that this topic was a good choice? What ever works for you. If you feel that this topic has merit go for it! Is this a good college essay topic?
Yeah it's somewhat nerdy. But it's very true, and this has happened to a lot of people in the U.S.

So, I say, Write about it!
its a good topic, its something that you know about personally and have a lot of studies to back up whatever veiw you take on it

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get rid of excessive armpit sweat?

I've been having a real bad problem with excessive sweating from my armpit, I don't know what to do and I just really want to get rid of it for good. It is very embarassing even because I don't do anything it my armpits get soaked in sweat. I'm starting a new job where I am going to be interacting with people and I really need help. Please someone, how can I get rid of my bad sweat problem. And please no answers about undershirts or staying in front of the air conditioner because it doesn't work. Please tell me what I can use. I really appreciate your help.SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get rid of excessive armpit sweat?
If antiperspirants don't work, you might consider seeing a dermatologist for Botox injections. I don't know exactly why it works, but it does.SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get rid of excessive armpit sweat?
trust me...try ceratin-dri! it really works after the first couple treatments you do. people say it burns but it feels more itchy. you can always find it in wal-mart in the deo. section it is about $5 but i got the liquid roll on. and there is a deo. stick of it for the morning to freshen up.

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Wide range of possibilites, that range from wearing a pad, to better deoderant. There some common prescriptions that can be used, one of the hottest ones lately is to use Botox. The final/ultimate solution is for a plastic surgeon to resect and reconstruct your armit, removing the sweat glands in the process.
Always talk to your doctor first about your health issues. Hyperhidrosis (over sweating) could have serious underlying causes that may require surgery or antibiotics in severe cases. Only your health care provider can diagnose these types of issues.

Check your local drug store or grocery store for an antiperspirant/deodorant. Make sure it says antiperspirant on the label. Try a few and determine if any of them reduce the amount you sweat.

Should your doctor deem your sweating is normal ask him/her about Drysol. Drysol is aluminum cholride and when applied to the underarms works to shrink the sweat glands. It is a prescription medication and should only be used with a doctor's guidance.

Try wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath your normal shirts. This will be your first line of defense against sweat puddles forming on your outer shirt. Also, the white t-shirts are easy to bleach/oxy-clean the stains out of. However, this may have the opposite of the desired effect, especially if the shirt makes you too hot or gets bunched in your armpits.

Make sure you shower/bathe regularly. This will help to minimize effects of oversweating.

Drink plenty of water. it both dilutes the concentration of the your bodily effluents and it cleanses the whole system.

If you don't want it to show, wear a black shirt.
Try Certain Dri, It's either in the deodorant section or behind the pharmacy counter. It works really well, as long as you follow the directions (use it at night, not right after a shower). It can work for up to 72 hours. It's great!
the Dr can give you a prescription for special deodorant,but theres also a new one that is over the counter,that is supposed to be prescription strength.i have heard there is surgery to correct that,but it would probably have to be really severe.
try Certain Dri. It's about $5 at most drugstores. It says 72 hour protection but a lot of people (including me) have to use it every night. Try not to use it right after you shave, though. It mioght burn. (yeah I am serious)
there is a prescription med your doc or dermatologist can prescribe to remedy this! depending on the severity you APPLY it everyday for a week or more then back of to once or twice a week. product name is Hypercare. there are also surgical options...but I'd try this out first!

good luck!
Try ';Certain Dri'; which can be found at the store in the deoderant section. It has a different ingredient than deo. It is made to reduce sweat/sweat gland production. You apply it at night before bed. Usually you can use it every other night and it still works. Apply certain dri at night and then deoderant in the morning. It works.
See the doctor.
Well, do you use an antiperspirant deodorant? Thats first, and if it continues, shave your armpits, and if that doesn't work, try seeing a doctor.

My dog is agressive. How can we change that?

We've had our dog for 5 years. In the past 3, he's been aggressive to the point that sometimes we're scared of him. He'll bite and always growls. We don't let him interact with people, but one day I want him to be like the day we got him. How can we make him a kinder dog without going to a therapist?My dog is agressive. How can we change that?
well you have to get your Domination, and you have to earn his trust so he knows he has no reason to bite or growl. ill give examples of things you may try, but if its that bad you may want to go see someone about it for the dog...

you need to buy a collar similar to a choke collar and place this on the dog, and a short leash maybe 2 feet max. This way the dog walks right next to you. NEVER let the dog walk in front of you The dog will feel more dominant. So either right next to you or behind you a bit.

Also have your dog spayed/nutered This is proven to make a dog a lot more calm and sociable. I have learned first hand. I have rescued many pit bulls who were used for fighting and these are the things i have done with them!

Interact with the dog a lot more. I would give the dog a nice bath...i know this may be hard but give the dog a nice bath and then towel dry him...dogs love this and hate being wet so they realize they need you to get dry. then give a bone To chew on to settle back down. and give lots of praises!!

Make a point to walk the dog every day with the short leash and collar this will get out extra energy and will allow less energy for aggression!! email me if you need more help ill do all i can

glitterhalo87@verizon.netMy dog is agressive. How can we change that?
You need to go to a trainer and get Professional help if your not experienced with aggressive dogs

i had a shih tzu like that and i had to get a Professional trainer to help me but make sure they work with you and not just the dog!!
You MUST go to a professional dog trainer. It isn't wise to take opinions of such a situation off of the internet.

Dealing with aggressie dogs isn't a 'easy fix.' Contact a dog trainer. Plain and Simple.

Good Luck!
Please DO NOT try the Cesar Milan-type dominance training on your dog. It may work on TV but you can get badly bitten if you try this yourself. Dominance training, if done wrong, can make your dog MORE aggressive.

What I'd suggest instead is the NILF (Nothing in life is free) program. Don't take your dog on walks, feed, or pet him unless he does a trick for you (sitting, laying down). This will teach him that he needs to earn things from you, and he will learn to respect you. You can hand-feed him his entire dinner, making him sit or do a trick for each handful of food.

I would suggest an obedience class if you can afford it. Humane societies often offer them for $60-$80. It might be worth it since it might keep you from needing to put your dog down.

How the heck do you get over social anxiaty?

personaly i think everybody has some level of it but i can be wrong. anyway just interacting with people will do it? Fing social anxiaty is that i have truble with that! if you dont start a converstation a usually will not talk. Is there is there another way to get over it?Do i just need to talk to random people in the street or what?How the heck do you get over social anxiaty?
Dark, dark sunglasses and a friendly smile.How the heck do you get over social anxiaty?
Being social is very rewarding, and some advice if you try to talk to random people. . . people LOVE to talk about themselves. . .
be yourself

If you like to be quite, just be quiet

Not everybody have to talk all the time

just be natural
Well, if you are talking about a social anxiety disorder/social phobia, the best thing to do would be to talk to a psychologist about it. They could help find methods of getting you past it and hopefully putting the disorder into remission. I myself had social anxiety disorder, along with slight agoraphobia (because of the panic attacks I had when being around larger crowds). I saw a psychologist for a while, and she taught me some breathing exercises to help me relax when I felt a panic attack coming on. She also helped to get me on Paxil (she couldn't write out a perscription herself since she wasn't a psychiatrist), which worked wonders. My disorder has remitted, and I no longer need medications. So I would strongly recommend that you talk to a councelor or a psychologist if you think your anxiety is a problem and is interfering with any aspect of your life.
you need to realize that Jesus Christ loves you and accepts you.If you can be accepted by someone as great as he,and your focus is pleasing your God first and fore most,does it really matter if another human being does not accept you,when you realize Jesus accepts you just as I will find your self worth,and you will quit doubting yourself,you will know you are Worthy of social acceptance,
1) START SIMPLE. Say ';Hi';, ';Thank you';, or ';Good Morning,'; to every ';service'; person you meet: waiter, bus driver, mailman, cashier, etc. + all your neighbors. Remember to make eye contact %26amp; a friendly smile!!!!!!! (Even a ';shy'; smile is OK, if you can't do a happy one yet)

When you can do this comfortably %26amp; all the time, then you can add a sentence or question: ';You look a little tired today. Is everything OK?'; (for someone you see often). ';That's a really beautiful shirt.'; (It has to be true, and you have to sound like you mean it. If they are happy you said it, you can ask, ';Where did you get it?'; If there is little positive reaction, let it go.) Stick with compliments, caring questions, or perhaps job-related questions (';How often do you change the menu?'; or ';What's the most popular dish?'; at a restaurant.

2) START SMALL. For conversations, start with 1 FRIEND at a time. When you can talk with 1 friend for an hour (that means you also speaking %26amp; not just listening, maybe 50-50).... then, add 1 MORE FRIEND. When you can talk with 2 friends comfortably, then add 1 more, etc......

This may take some time. Give your self some time!

3) LEARN HOW TO ASK GOOD QUESTIONS. Since people like to talk about themselves, learn to ask questions that allow you (or even the other person) to understand more about them. Remember, for every question, there is an answer. And for every answer, there is a follow-up question. If you can't think of a question, it's because you didn't discover it yet. This takes practice.

4) LEARN MORE PSYCHOLOGY %26amp; HOW TO INCREASE YOUR EQ. This means, studying other people more. Anxious people focus on themselves; one way to feel less anxious, is to focus your attention on other people. Try to understand them, what they are feeling, and offer either agreement, empathy, support, encouragement, comfort... it depends on what they want.... you'll have to sharpen your 6th sense. Most people are unhappy about something (or many things) in their lives. When you truly see %26amp; realize this more %26amp; more, you will feel less anxious about your self.
  • adjectives proof
  • Why are Black Women so mean to the nice Black Guys?

    As a young African American Man who works in a very conservative corporate environment - were there are very few African American males, I’m sometimes asked by African American people, if I experience racism in my office, (I assume they’re referring to the White people in the office). I tell them, “Actually, no, I don’t.” There may be one or two people who may have some issues, but they don’t bother me. They don’t say anything to me, and I don’t say anything to them. But over all, they, (meaning the White people in the office) are very, very nice, they are all very educated and they respect me in the same sense. But I continue to expound on the question by informing them that I do experience problems, but I get them from the Black Women in my office. A number of them are very rude, harassing and provoking towards me, although I’m always doing my work and minding my business. They make comments such as: “I don’t act black, I act like I think I’m white, etc. I’m told by some of my African American friends, men and women, that these Black Women behave like this towards me because they like me and they are trying to get my attention. Personally, I think these type of women are crazy and sick because no other women, White, Asian, etc… behaves like that towards me. I’m sometimes asked by my White and Asian women friends, “why are Black Women so mean to the nice Black Guys?; or, why do Black Women hate the nice Black Guys?” Some of the women who have asked me these questions have themselves, witness Black Women attack and harass me, as well as other African American guys like myself. White and other cultures of women in my work environment, as well as in other social environments often tell me, “You are so nice, you are so nice; you are so sweet, you are so nice”. Meanwhile, these White and Asian women watch the Black Women - although unprovoked - harass and attack me for no apparent reason, when I’m always simply just minding my business; and then they hear these very same Black Women make up crazy, sick, irrational excuses for their behavior. I explain to these White, Asian and other cultures of women that many Black Women hate the nice African American Men because they can’t pin their problems and issues on us like they are so notorious for doing, but instead have to take the challenge of responsibility for their own faults, failures and other issues. The nice guys have an education, we have good jobs, we don’t have children or owe child support, which means we have no responsibility to accompany their misery, because misery loves company, and our content and happiness makes them jealous and angry. Black Women can’t accuse us for their many problems and issues in an attempt to gain pity and sympathy from the rest of the world like they are so known to do. When nice guys are around, we make Black Women look bad and weaken their argument when ever they try to make negative and degrading statements about African American Men, and then, what makes them hate us even more is, the nice guys usually date White, Asian or other cultures of women. This leaves the question that I’ve heard other cultures ask: “Okay, we know about all the bad Black Men, but why can’t Black Women get the Good Ones?” I’m often told by some of my White and Asian Women friends, “I could never imagine you with a Black Women, you are too nice, you are not for Black Women, the other kind of Black Guys are for Black Women, you are too nice.” Black Women seem to not be aware that other cultures are very observant as to how African American people interact with each other. Often after watching Black Women harass me when I’m minding my business, my White, Asian and other cultures of women friends have said “Black Women are crazy, why do they threat the nice Black Guys bad, then get mad when they date White or Asian women?” My response is, “It-is sought of a craziness.”Why are Black Women so mean to the nice Black Guys?
    Sad but true . I have seen it and pointed it out to some sisters. As you mentioned other women from different cultures are simply watching and studying us. Then when these confused sisters turn their backs, the other types of women are ready to pounce and pour salt in the wounds. We as Black women must recognize our faults and come to grips with this insanity.Why are Black Women so mean to the nice Black Guys?
    if you have a nice kind white woman, why even waste your time posting this question?

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    I've actually experienced the same thing as a black woman from both sexes. Some people have a presence that is intimidating. If these black women get along with every other black man and not you then you may need to change something. Try talking to them instead of waiting on them to speak first.

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    I completely agree with Don Don!!

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    Kinda funny how you didnt post an avatar, let alone a picture.

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    First off I'm also a young black men and I completely disagree with you because your a ignorant idiot who generalize everything, I have met Some black women who are like that but most black women are not.

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    i have no words for this stupidity...

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    why do you assume all black women do that? not all black women are crazy

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    I don't care what anyone says, this man is telling the truth.

    Sisters get it together!

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    The problem is that once they hook up with the thug bastard after getting her pregnant with mutiple children %26amp; walks out on her leaving her with the responsibilities;she get's fustrated %26amp; start blaming all black men for her troubles,including the nice black men.

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    IDK. I'm mixed and they are so rude to me. They say that i act white when really, I am just educated and don't believe in saying,';Yo, my *****'; because that just sounds very uneducated.

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    I think your question is wayy too long to read, so i'm just gonna tell you to stop talking about black people in that way. All races and cultures and so forth have their problems, it's NOT JUST BLACK PEOPLE. white people do it too, ya shocking eh?
    that is sooooo long. there's no way I'm reading all that crap, but I don't like you - just because you generalize and stereotype. bye!

    p.s. now I see why I don't date people like you - I wouldn't give you the time of day!
    I'm sorry about giving you ';thumbs up';. I wanted to give you ';thumbs down';.

    I have the solution to your problem though.... make an ';L'; shape with your hand. Now, place it on your forehead...... Loser!
    I can't begin to understand why those women would act that way. I just dream of the day that we only see each other as either Good or Bad, with skin, religion or gender not getting in the way.

    I hope you find happiness, and don't give a second thought to those that interfere with that happiness.
    Ok whoa- after reading that whole thing i had to take a break. But either way. I understand what you are talking about except I am looking from the womans point of view. I moved to a basically all white community about 4 years ago. When i got up here, the black men were very rude, disrespectful and just plain jerky to me. They would turn up their noses at me (which i feel i looked darn good by the way, not model type but attractive nonetheless) and run to an oversize white woman. That bothered me for a while until white men started to pay attention to me. After that started to happen, the same guys who were rude to me in the beginning would come up to me and ask me why I was being saditty(sp?). I was totally offended by that because I felt I had always went out of my way to be around them.

    I started to see what you were talking about at some point later, with AA women treating AA men crappy. I could not understand it but they broke it down like this- most of them have been in bad relationships with a man or two in their lives that have skewed their opinion of all black males. The guy who approaches her might be the nicest guy in the world, but if she had been treated like crap before, odds are she wont want anything to do with you. I say ignore them and get yourself around those who will accept you for you. You arent doing anything wrong- it is just them placing all the worlds blame on you. It is on them completely.

    Just please dont wear open toe sandals, wear khaki shorts or sing to pop music. that will turn anyone off....
    Because they have been taught that being white is everything and they have become just as racists as the most white people..

    They will also learn that they too will have to suffer the same fate that all racists will face in the end..................... And that's the fiery pit will burn for a very long time....................................…
    Not all black women are like that. So far you have not met the others. Perhaps it is the company you keep?
    Happens to me. I don't know why. They're just real moody or something.

    Notice how all the black women posting here are giving you an attitude? This is exactly what you're talking about.
    What in the HELL? Did you copy and paste this NOVEL from a jet magazine article. You should have it published. Better yet, divide it into twenty parts and call it a series!

    Oh, and no one cares what your white American, and Asian American female friends think!!!!!!!!
    Either you hate your black mother, or a woman who happens to be black has just dumped you or shot down your advances. Cut it out man! You are no prize. I can tell by how you lumped the whole black race of women into one mindset because a few may, and I say may because you are hard to believe, have disrespected you.

    Get over yourself. You are not the first successful black man and you won't be the last. Many a black woman is looking for and knows how to treat a good black man. When you become one, maybe you'll find one.

    You're an embarassment to yourself; not the race.
    OK, I read your whole story. What I got out of it was that there are a couple of black women in your office that say things like, ';I don’t act black, I act like I think I’m white';.

    It isn't an attack, it's a fact. Don't take it in a bad way. I know plenty of white people who act like they are black. There isn't any normal way for ANY race to behave these days.

    You act like an up tight white guy instead of a jive talking brother. For those women, that may make you a sell out in their mind. For you, it is a professional way to act in the office.

    I'm sure those women are not your superiors at the office. I'm sure they are on one of the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. When they learn to act professional for an office situation, they may move up the ladder. Their attitude not only shows to you, but I'm sure their boss also sees their unprofessional behavior.

    Just remember to be yourself. Don't fall into a racial stereo type. Mostly, don't worry about what those black women say at work, or the white and asian women either. I got the impression they are playing you.
    As I read your question, I begin to wonder if you examined yourself. Maybe you are treating the black women differently.You claim that the women would harass you for no reason, but have you examined your behavior. Maybe you are giving negative non verbal signals.

    The comments that you made about you asking other women( make me wonder about what type of person you are. If you see that there is a problem with the black women in your office, why not ask them why they treat you the way they do. I think that you want to complain about black women just so you would have an excuse for dating other women. If you want to date other women then fine, but stop trying to down black women.

    If you were so good, I am sure that you can find a nice black woman. Many women like myself would like to find a nice black man. Not just educated, but really a good person. I know many men who are educated and appear to be a ';good'; person, but after being around them for a while their true nature comes out.
    is your mother black? if so, do you think that she is crazy? well sometimes we forget here we came from because we have gotten a few steps ahead of minimum wage. have you ever dated a black woman? well if not how would you know anything about us (black woman). so you a strong, black, educated man would rather take advice from a white or Asian woman. well you don't even fit the destruction of a black man. I'm not prejudice but your not really black, you don't know your roots. the sisters probably are just joking with you. you probably been around white people so long you don't know your own people. don't down us like we are the only race that get child support. I've slept with white guys who know sisters better than you. my true white sisters wouldn't even mess with you because you are downing your own mom. i can understand a bum on the street begging for change. they are trying to make a living just like you.
    Hey NICE GUY,

    ME think thou dost protest too much. If you were really a nine Guy I don't think the women would be so mean to you. Maybe you should check yourself and see what you're doing to make them so angry.

    I'm a nice guy and I've never had a woman of any race be excessivly mean to me without reason.

    Maybe you should stop looking for the negative things, and look at the positive. Lots of African American women have had to be strong for many, many years and take care of their families alone. Many of them had to be Mother and Father. The system was set up to keep the African American families apart. When they see you dating outside of your race and badmouthing them at the same time you become a huge part of the problem.

    African American women are not crazy! They are just tired of all the crap that they have to handle alone, and not being praised for being the Queens that they really are, and always will be!

    Remember that you came from one of those Queens!
    I am a black woman, and I know the type that you are talking about they are mean to everybody as far as I know, even if your friends are right about them liking you run the other way those ladies are crazy
    ^ one of the crazy ones --- aaghh!
    OMG ! You have just told the story of my life in corporate America. I always knew there had to be other Black men out there dealing with the same foolishness. First off the majority of Black women who responded to your question were hostile and attacked you; which is ironic. I believe if you're educated and focused on legitamate success ,you will receive hostility from certain types of Black women in corporate America. Mainly because they aren't accustom to dealing with these types of Black men. They can't talk to you like a child and take on some assumed authoritative role. You're not on the run from the police or asking them for money. You are independent and not relying on them for credit or a place to live. You have your act together far better then they do and it intimidates them.

    It's sad because I've seen them denigrate Black men to other types of women in hopes of making us unattractive . Then these other types of women will turn around and go right after these same Black men when the Black women's backs are turned . Then Black women wonder why they are losing out. I could go on and on . It's a major problem with our women in the work place and no one is talking about it .Instead Ophra wants to talk about Black women dating White men. So damn foolish.These people are watching us and studying how we interact with ourselves. The bottom line is you are not alone ,just ignore those women who harass you but don't give up on all the sisters. When those Asian and White girls try to add fuel to the fire by saying '; I can't see you with a Black woman ';, just realize deep down they don't want Black men and women to get together anyway. Black women please wake up.
    I just don't understand what it mean to ';act black';. The only thing I can think of is not to act LIKE THE REST OF SOCIETY. Do white people really act white? Do you think that French, Dutch, Russan, etc.....really like to act English in America? You bet your bottom dollar they do. You know why? They worked hard and long to be a part of America. They understand where they came from and where they are going.
    Please read some of Top P's other questions and then decide who really has the problem: Top P or African American women.
    It's their way to compensate. But to me it's childish anyway.
    more than likely you're an uncle tom

    so they resent you.....just be and don't worry about them
    im just gonna assume your right,because i skimmed your novel and its just too boring.
    Who cares, why did you type all that crap
    I'm sorry you have endured this type of harassment from women of your own background. Some people say that black men only want us white women because we are docile and easy to control. That happens to not be the case in my situation. It's all in how you are raised and your general personality. I'm sure that there are lots of women of all races who would love to have a man like you (and if I weren't already happily married, i'd say give me a call). So, try not to be too judgemental , even though that seems to be a dominant behavior of black ladies. Maybe you will find a nice lady (no matter what race) and she will give you the kind of respect that a man like you deserves. Just keep your head up and trust your heart, she'll be along one day! Good Luck and I want to say that I am very proud that there are men like you still out there! =D
    Long question...

    So here goes it.

    I am a white female living in a african american community. I was raised in a very rich town that only had 7 or 8 black people in my High School out of hundreds. I confided in two of the females because they were very interesting and fun to be around. Even though they were ';whiterized and educated'; they still fit that mindset. They were mean to brothers and hispanics but not to white men.


    From living in this area for only 2 months I pretty much discovered what the culture is like. There are two classes and I have been told this by black people and I AM NOT RACIST. So here goes it '; there are educated black people and uneducated black people';. The educated ones are understanding, and the others from what I have seen are just NuTs. But the females in both classes have one common factor. They dispise black men. The majority of black men are quiet and reserved but still independent, unique, and short tempered. The thing about black culture, is african american men believe that ';sluttifying'; black woman and hispanic woman is okay. Ever sense im guessing the 70s it has been a learned ';habit'; to treat the females this way.


    Woman outnumber men by outrageous amounts. Sense african americans are still a minority the community and men available is very little. Woman slutify themselves and let themselves be slutified and fight over the men. They treat the men badly in turn because of the way they are objectified. If they weren't so objectified and ';played'; they would be much sweeter toward black males. They know white men aren't ';checking out their goods every 4 seconds'; but dispite if black males are or not they believe they are. Because there are very few men many of them turn into players, because there are so many easy black woman out there.

    It is hard for black woman to believe that there are good ';brothers'; out there because, when they find one they are usually very good players with bank accounts and educations. This is a reason for some much mixing of colors.

    Have you ever noticed it is acceptable for black woman to be fat, because it's still thought of as sexy wheras white woman cannot be fat because its not sexy? Black woman have beautiful bodies and take weight on well, they also have very few cracks and lines as they age. They are beautiful, and also vain.

    This is why they treat you poorly. Many white womany will treat you with more respect than they treat white men with for the fact that you are black. They don't want to offend you in anyways, because it is important to impress and like you.

    I am not racist, this is observation and what I have learned.
    actually I read your entire post....%26amp; I agree with you....I'm a southern white girl....%26amp; here I see issues on both sides...but I see more agression come from the black women....I have black friends...most of which are black male...%26amp; maybe 1 or 2 black women....a lot of it....I would say comes from the way they are were raised that education %26amp; a job is important...for any color....that should be the proper way.

    here....most of the black women have several kids...all from different dads....%26amp; they all want that state check....%26amp; will pick a fight over anything.....

    I don't have a problem with the race as a whole....I just wish the women would shut up.

    You seem like a pleasant person. %26amp; I am sorry for your bad experiences....but then again...I'm white %26amp; I feel like I'd just be repeating what your current white friends say to you. but I bet there is a black womam out there with a good education %26amp; a sweet just haven't met her yet.

    Take Care

    Well i am 26 year old and since last 2 years have been sitting at home because of an accident.i didn't suffer?

    i didn't suffer any head injuries in the accident ,but the thing is since last month or so i have noticed decline in my intelligence ,i am very worried about it,is this decline permanent,how do i overcome it. i try to keep my self active by reading books,playing chess and interacting with people online and giving answers online ,solving puzzles,is that enough to ward off mental decline.thanks for your answers

    i am asking this question again because i didn't get proper replies before.Well i am 26 year old and since last 2 years have been sitting at home because of an accident.i didn't suffer?
    You Should See A Licensed Mental Health Consluoer they are good at these type of situationsWell i am 26 year old and since last 2 years have been sitting at home because of an accident.i didn't suffer?
    Can you add in some more details about the accident?

    Try to read books, get out of the house, socialize with other people, just stuff to stimulate the mind.
    well maybe physically you didnt get damaged, maybe mentally.

    But it could be permant it depends wat kind of accident you where in.

    its good to keep yourself active, just keep doing that.

    And im better sure of you went to the doctor if they didnt find anything wrong with you, then its probably not permant at all.

    Could you marry someone of a different political persuasion?

    ..Or date someone who is at the other end of the political spectrum?

    Do you find major differences between conservatives and liberals? (lifestyle, interacting with people, outlook on life, etc). I ask because I usually find conservative %26amp; liberal women to be signifigantly different in many ways. Sometimes in ways that really effect how they go through life..

    OpinionsCould you marry someone of a different political persuasion?
    As long as she believes the world is older than 5000 years and doesn't watch Glenn Beck.

    Politics do not matter, but I couldn't stand someone who has their head in the sand.

    I've never found a single person with the exact views as myself. However when I date someone our views tend to meld over time. I like debating in a civil way. It makes life more interesting.

    EDIT: To the person below me: ';There is NO evidence supporting an OLD earth and much to imply a young earth';

    There is mountains and mountains of evidence, and not one example that contradicts evolution or a planet which is billions of years old. I understand the chemistry, biology, and mathematics behind evolution. It is not a dissenting view, it is the only view that an educated and person can possibly have if they don't delude themselves. It's like not believing in cell theory, or the theory of gravity.

    All I have ever seen in support of 'young' Earth is pseudoscience by hacks who are relying on their audience's ignorance.Could you marry someone of a different political persuasion?
    No. I'm too much of a political junkie for that to work.
    Uh yeah... I don't care that much. As long as she's not one of those wacky bible thumping cons, we wouldn't have a problem. I also need her to know evolution is fact because I don't like dating idiots.
    It depends, if they are too into politics than no. but if they are not that into it that yea
    I as an atheist dated a religious catholic conservative girl.

    Didn't seem to bother us that much really
    I did once around the time of Nam. He was a tree hugging liberal who burned a draft card. He called it conscientious objection, I call it cowardice. I met a real man and followed him to Nam. Glad I did.
    My friend recently commented ';I find liberals to be annoying and conservatives selfish';. I don't really see a difference in personality but I can tell by the way they look. If you show me some one when they are tired or frustrated I can tell you their political leanings (in American politics). Libs and conservatives just get look different in those conditions. Its really quite neat,
    Of course nobody will ever agree on everything, but I do feel it is important to at least share some of the same values, outlooks and morals in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone.
    Sure can my husband and I are on the complete opposite side politically, we hardly ever see eye to eye and just agree to disagree.
    Communists and socialists are the scum of the earth !
    It depends why you hold that political persuasion,.

    If your political views spring from deeply-held moral convictions, then most likely you would not tolerate a soulmate who advocated against those beliefs and fought against everything you believed to be good and proper.

    I have seen enough of the gestation and birth process to know that life begins at conception and is human and sentient from the start. This, for anyone who understands it, would require that any medical procedure on a pregnant woman be aimed at preserving BOTH the mother AND the child. I could never consider being good friends with -- much less marrying -- an abortion activist.

    If my wife had aborted our child, I would probably never have touched her again. Our marriage would have soon become untenable.

    Take the evolution debate, for example, as posters answering this question have pointed out....

    By their own admission they cannot tolerate a dissenting point of view in their households on certain issues. There is NO evidence supporting an OLD earth and much to imply a young earth, yet you get this ';evolution is a fact'; rhetoric a lot.

    I had a dear friend who was Chinese and a devout communist, though she didn't really understand the term communism... , and we wanted very much to seek each other's affection, but there is a problem. She is an Atheist, and I was a Sunday School teacher at the time. It could never have worked out well. Who would teach the children why we have morals? or even what those morals are?

    During that time, I met a young lady who had recently returned from teaching school for missionaries' kids in South America. We started chatting in various languages, and eventually we married. Today, we have a 5-year-old girl who is well-advanced in school and wants to give away some of her favorite dresses to children she will never meet in foreign countries, just because she wants them to hear about Jesus. I couldn't be more pleased.

    No, I really don't think left could marry right, or vice versa, unless one or both were just looking for a political view to fit the way they wanted to live. Then, ANYthing goes.
    As long as she cooks and cleans who cares
    If a republican man dated a liberal girl it may work out. This year may be different, it seems mostly all liberals hate conservatives no matter what. Liberal females are more needy, Liberal men are more needy. Conservatives are more independent .
    It really depends on if they are willing to listen. I make sure to listen to everything the people on the opposite side say in an unbiased manor, seeing it from their perspective before debating or agreeing with it. Therefore, I would expect my significant other to be able to do the same. As long as we can actually debate, and find a way to meet in the middle rather than arguing, it doesn't bother me much, because someone who realizes how to do this truly cares for America first, and their political preferences second. That's the way it should be.
    Love doesn't have political aspirations.

    I hope you know this. :0)